Trying to work this out.

First blog post. Still trying to figure out all of it. From the iPad to WordPress. It’s all new to me.

I am not quite sure how this blog in general is gonna go. I’m basically just winging it! But I do, as all of us, have thoughts from time to time. The only question is whether or not I can actually sit myself down to put them to e-paper. I suppose it would be a good idea to start with some sort of attempt at a post.

At the moment, I’m on my summer classes. It’s tough, but then it’s nice to see I can have some me time if I don’t crazily become obsessed with studying. Now, with having the iPad, I’ve started to get into podcasts.

Thing is, the more I listen to “obscure” podcasts, filled with songs of mostly unknown artists, I begin to feel disappointed. Why can’t they get more air play when people with no talent *cough-Pitbull-cough* get number 1’s all the time?

A part of me wants to think that it’s all better for me, because they might lose that heart they have, or then I wouldn’t like it -how very hipster of me, but it almost bothers me to see how under appreciated they are. Now, I like some popular acts (i.e. Lady Gaga), but I don’t believe that most popular acts deserve all that attention.

I guess it’s mostly a lost battle. All that’s left is catharsis.


P.S.: if you were wondering, some of the podcasts include Jason Mraz, Matt Nathanson and Ingrid Michaelson. You might think they are to some degree known, but if you considered where I live, you’d probably be surprised I even know about them.


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